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Our history

OCN was founded in 2003 as a development company in an exciting period when development and construction were the spearhead of the economy. The different periods of crisis gave us the opportunity to specialise in the development and comprehensive management of real estate projects, not only as a developer, but also as a construction company, acting both in terms of products and services. As such, we would take care of the entire value chain process, actively participating in product development while coordinating with and managing the different stakeholders to ensure the success of each project.

At the end of 2014, the company found that, once this global experience had been achieved—upheld by professionalised business management and a strong commitment to digitalisation—our action could not be understood from just one standpoint, but rather, we saw that we could play an essential role in any phase of a real estate project: from the development of the Asset to its marketing (Property), including the execution and comprehensive management of the Project, depending on the latter’s needs.

Castillo de Peniscola


To achieve our clients’ objectives, leading the project from the beginning and turning the experience into a comfortable and easy process, based on the security and confidence granted by our extensive expertise and our highly qualified team.


We are specialists in managing Real Estate Developments, covering the whole value chain process in the most efficient way in the market, while also actively participating in product development projects with all the parties involved.


Seeking the best finish in every square centimetre of the home. So, we have put together a large team that specialises in different areas to offer the best personalised advice and take care of each client and their project as if it were our own.

Our team